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Welcome to Thrive Spine and Sport!
Your Cedar Rapids Chiropractor and Integrative Diagnosis Provider

At Thrive Spine and Sport, we want you to THRIVE in your everyday life!  Whether you are a 9-5 office employee or active individual and athlete, you deserve to live pain free!  

As someone who has been involved with competitive sports all my life and who has struggled with many different injuries, I never understood the idea of go home and rest, and return back to regular activity after the pain had gone away. Of course, the pain went away with rest, but was anything actually fixed?  So when I opened Thrive Spine and Sport, I wanted to give the people of Cedar Rapids a place where they can experience the immediate relief and sustained results that people yearn for.

At Thrive Spine and Sport, on top of providing traditional chiropractic services, we specialize in a cutting edge soft tissue diagnosis and treatment system that is unique to Cedar Rapids and the surrounding areas.  Utilizing a Test-Treat-Retest system, we deliver a highly refined treatment to the problematic and dysfunctional area.  Your visit is not done, until your condition has improved!

It is important for us to leave you with a positive, lasting impression after each visit.  You value a patient centered experience.  We deliver a results driven environment!  Your pain or injury may be difficult, but we will make the solution seem easy.

If you, or anyone you know is currently experiencing pain or dysfunction in daily activity give us a call today, 319-423-0925!  Remember, all you have to lose is pain!

Dr. Cody Scharf, DC
Cedar Rapids Chiropractor | Thrive Spine and Sport | (319) 423-0925

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